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Panacea ProductsUnder $199

Panacea Semi-Circular Plant Supports, 18" x 36", Pack of 25

Help your shrubs or large flowers grow upright instead of outward with the Panacea Semi-Circular Plant Support. This generous unit easily surrounds half of your large flower or shrub, distributing...
$200 – $399Panacea Products

Panacea Giant Trellis, Black, 108"H, Pack of 3

Add dramatic height and style to your backyard or garden using the Panacea Giant Trellis. Placing a trellis in your landscaping brings both support and style to it, and this...
$200 – $399Panacea Products

Panacea Forged Twig & Leaf Trellises, Black, 72"H, Pack of 5

Handmade beauty perfectly merges with nature in the Panacea Forged Twig and Leaf Trellis. Five vertical rods are slightly twisted for a natural effect, and twigs with leaves sprout from...
$200 – $399Arbors

Panacea Arched Lattice Arbor, Black, 93"H

Create a compelling entry to your garden with the Panacea Arched Lattice Arbor. This bold arbor offers a striking look to your outdoor sanctuary. The top of this item evokes...
Panacea ProductsUnder $199

Panacea Vintage Raised Rectangular Planter, Aged Galvanized

Bring a rustic hint to your landscaping or create a generous planting area for crops using this Panacea Aged Galvanized Vintage Raised Rectangular Planter. This generous, bottomless all steel unit...
$200 – $399Panacea Products

Panacea Vintage Planter and Stand, Aged Galvanized

Grow crops or cultivate several flowers on your deck in this Panacea Aged Galvanized Vintage Planter and Stand. Placing a raised planter bed on your balcony or deck increases your...
Panacea ProductsUnder $199

Panacea Gothic Arch Border Fence, Black, 15"H, Pack of 12

Punctuate your garden with a fantastic border using the Panacea Gothic Arch Border Fence. Placing fencing around your favorite plants or flowers protects them from foot traffic, or helps define...
Panacea ProductsUnder $199

Panacea Twisted Wire Border Fence, Rust, 14"H, Pack of 12

Create a rustic border for your landscaping using the Panacea Twisted Wire Border Fence. This gently curving edging brings a fun hint to your yard or garden, perfectly enhancing the...
Panacea ProductsUnder $199

Panacea French Country Scroll Border Fence, 15"H, Pack of 12

Bring a charming, antique look to your garden pathway or landscaping with the Panacea French Country Scroll Border Fence. This decorative edging forms a wonderful border along your driveway or...
Panacea ProductsUnder $199

Panacea British Cross Border Fence, 19.5"H, Pack of 12

Bring an international flair to your garden with the Panacea British Cross Border Fence. Intersecting metal bars rest in the center of each fence panel, evoking the look of the...
Panacea ProductsUnder $199

Panacea Mission Border Fence, Black, 18"H, Pack of 1

Line a garden path or add a geometric edge to your landscaping with this Panacea Mission Border Fence. Placing these panels throughout your yard wonderfully helps divide the space, and...
$200 – $399Panacea Products

Panacea Rustic Heirloom Cottage Garden Fence, Brown, 12 Pack

Create a beautiful and significant border in your landscaping using this Panacea Rustic Heirloom Cottage Garden Fence. Slightly rounded corners and overlapping, interior arches on each of these metal panels...
$200 – $399Panacea Products

Panacea Vintage Plant Stand, Black, 44"

Increase the display area in your yard or on your patio with this Panacea black Vintage Plant Stand. This three tiered stand offers several spots to showcase plants or other outdoor...
$200 – $399Panacea Products

Panacea Metal Raised Planter Bed with Stand, Green

Turn a corner of your deck into a personal garden using this Panacea Green Metal Raised Planter Bed with Stand. Placing a raised planter on your patio creates a dedicated...
$200 – $399Panacea Products

Panacea Rustic Wire Garden Cloches, 20"H, Pack of 12

Prevent rabbits and other animals from eating all of your favorite crops by covering them with these Panacea Rustic Wire Garden Cloches. This set of twelve, generous metal domes handily...