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$1000 or moreFire Pit Art

Fire Surfer Steel Fire Bowl

The graceful curves of fire seen thorough the openings in the Fire Surfer fire bowl reminding us of the hypnotic waves that have lapped our shores for thousands of years...
$1000 or moreFire Pit Art

Antlers Fire Pit - Woodburning w/ Whitetail Deer Antlers

The beautiful and unique antlers fire pit from Fire Pit Art was designed in honor of the magnificent creature the White Tail Deer. At 36" in diameter and 24" tall this...
$1000 or moreFire Pit Art

Barefoot Beach Fire Pit - Natural Gas or Liquid Propane w/Sea Shells Designs

The beautiful sea shells and starfish designs of the barefoot beach fire bowl from Fire Pit Art takes us back to sunny summer days and having fun on the beach. At 36"...
$600 – $799Fire Pit Art

Spark Guard by Fire Pit Art

Spark Guards from Fire Pit Art are handcrafted from heavy stainless steel mesh and two inch wide 304 stainless steel bands, then painted with black high temperature paint, and features...
$200 – $399Fire Pit Art

Amish Fire Tools by Fire Pit Art

Fire Pit Art is proud to introduce this line of Amish Fire Tools. These traditional tools are handcrafted by Amish craftsmen in a traditional blacksmith forge, and are beautiful in...
$800 – $999Fire Pit Art

Log Rack - Wings In Flight

The graceful curving steel of the Artisan Wings In Flight log rack when assembled spans 26" wide and stands 17" tall. Made to order by a Tennessee craftsman in the...
$1000 or moreFire Pit Art

Tropical Moon Fire Pit w/ Palm Tree Cutouts

Moonlit palm trees encircle the Tropical Moon fire pit as the imagination runs wild with the reflection of the crescent moon in the placid water and the rush of saltwater...
$1000 or moreFire Pit Art

Third Rock Fire Pit w/ Planet Earth Design

The Third Rock fire pit by Fire Pit Art is a large orb relieved of the earth features, and promotes the watery two thirds of our planet in steel. When...
$800 – $999Fire Pit Art

Scallop 36" Fire Pit

The soothing design of the Scallop fire pit by Fire Pit Art with flowing edges are like the tide rolling onto the beach, and will compliment any landscape either by the sea or...
$1000 or moreFire Pit Art

Magnum Fire Pit w/ Planet Ring Design

The Magnum fire pit from Fire Pit Art is a larger version of the Saturn fire pit. The fire pit ring is a convenient resting spot for a beverage or as a foot...
$1000 or moreFire Pit Art

Saturn Fire Pit w/ Planet Ring Design

The Saturn fire pit from Fire Pit Art reminds us of its name sake planet Saturn with the spectacular ring feature in the night sky. The fire pit ring is...
$1000 or moreFire Pit Art

Nepal Fire Pit w/ 3 Legs

The Nepal fire pit from Fire Pit Art is symbolic of ancient incense burners while offering an immense caldron filled with soothing wood fire to create positive energy around your home and...
$1000 or moreFire Pit Art

Navigator Fire Pit w/ Navigator Compass Rose Cutouts

This Fire Pit Art original Navigator fire pit is designed to take us back to the simpler, quieter times when tall ships harnessed the wind. Artisan skills are at its...
$800 – $999Fire Pit Art

Manta Ray 36" Fire Pit

The Manta Ray fire pit by Fire Pit Art is an artisan fire bowl featuring the design of the smooth water gliding of the giant Manta Ray. A wonderful gathering place for family and friends, this...
$800 – $999Fire Pit Art

Low Boy 36" Fire Pit

The Low Boy fire pit by Fire Pit Art is a simplistic low to the ground bowl of dancing fire thats a wonderful gathering places for family and friends. At 36" in diameter...