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$200 – $399Arbors

Dura-Trel Providence Arbor, White, 85"H

Create a tranquil sanctuary in your garden with the Dura-Trel Providence Arbor. Simple latticework on each side panel leads to a dramatic, flat top. Overhanging vertical rails along the top...
DURA-TRELUnder $199

Dura-Trel Small Planter Box, White, 16"L

The Dura-Trel Small Planter Box is the perfect accessory for adding the beauty of plants to your porch or patio. This square planter is reminiscent of a quaint picket fence,...
$200 – $399DURA-TREL

Dura-Trel Greenfield Potting Bench - White

Create a workspace for your planting duties using the Dura-Trel Greenfield Potting Bench. Using a potting bench for all your repotting needs keeps your garden organized, and is the perfect...
$400 – $599DURA-TREL

Dura-Trel Two Board Raised Planter / Sand Box, 8'L x 4'W

Create a small sand box for children or a wonderful flower garden for yourself with the Dura-Trel Two Board Raised Planter/Sand Box. This sturdy frame will create a small isolated...

Dura-Trel Cottage Trellis, Mocha, 66"H

Bring elegant design and geometric style to your garden using the Dura-Trel Cottage Trellis. The clean lines and traditional look make this unit a welcome addition to any home. Horizontal...

Dura-Trel Wellington Trellis, White, 74"H

Bring bold style into your yard with the Dura-Trel Wellington Trellis. This sturdy trellis features an angular interior pattern, perfect for creating intricate designs with vines or climbing plants. The...
$200 – $399DURA-TREL

Dura-Trel Split Level Raised Planter/ Sand Box, 8'L x 4'W

Garden on different levels in your yard using the Dura-Trel Split Level Raised Planter Bed/Sand Box. The dual levels on this unit create two distinctive heights on the bed, offering...
$400 – $599DURA-TREL

Dura-Trel Picnic Table, 6'

Enjoy an outdoor dinner while sitting comfortably at the Dura-Trel Picnic Table. This sturdy 6' table will make it easy for you to sit back, relax, and enjoy life in...
$200 – $399DURA-TREL

Dura-Trel Corner Planter Seat Package

Provide comfortable seating and lovely greenery to a corner of your yard or deck with the Dura-Trel Corner Planter Seat Package. Placing a resting spot in your backyard turns it...
$200 – $399DURA-TREL

Dura-Trel Small Planter Boxes and Seat Package

Add a sturdy and beautiful seat to your garden using this Dura-Trel Small Planter Boxes and Seat Package. This kit allows you to create a wonderful bench in your yard,...
$400 – $599DURA-TREL

Dura-Trel Wishing Well

Add an enchanting look to your garden with the Dura-Trel Wishing Well. A hexagonal base on this item rests in your garden, supporting a dramatic peaked roof. This shape evokes...
$200 – $399Arbors

Dura-Trel Wellington Arbor, Mocha, 85"H

Highlight your garden with this lovely Mocha Dura-Trel Wellington Arbor. The detailed geometric design on this unit brings style and shape to any setting. Alternating large and small rectangles grace each...
$200 – $399Arbors

Dura-Trel Bakersfield Arbor, White, 85"H

Further the classic look of your formal garden by adding the Dura-Trel Bakersfield Arbor to it. The flat top, square posts, and rectangular grid on this lasting item add a...
$200 – $399Arbors

Dura-Trel Windsor Arbor, White, 85"H

Create an organized entry to your yard or garden with the lovely Dura-Trel Windsor Arbor. The detailed geometric design and flat top of this unit add a contemporary look to...

Dura-Trel Elmwood Arbor, White, 85"H

Bring bold angles into your garden with the lovely Dura-Trel Elmwood Arbor. Placing an architectural structure in your yard adds height and shape to the natural beauty of the area....