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$200 – $399Arbors

Dura-Trel Providence Arbor, White, 85"H

Create a tranquil sanctuary in your garden with the Dura-Trel Providence Arbor. Simple latticework on each side panel leads to a dramatic, flat top. Overhanging vertical rails along the top...
$200 – $399Arbors

Panacea Arched Lattice Arbor, Black, 93"H

Create a compelling entry to your garden with the Panacea Arched Lattice Arbor. This bold arbor offers a striking look to your outdoor sanctuary. The top of this item evokes...
$400 – $599Arbors

New England Nantucket Legacy Arbor, White, 102.25"H

Bring stunning architecture to your garden with the New England Nantucket Legacy Arbor. This romantic structure will surely inspire you and visitors to your yard. The significant arch lends a...
$200 – $399Arbors

New England Sierra Composite Wood Arbor, 81"H

Enhance your backyard with classic shape and lasting style by placing the New England Sierra Composite Wood Arbor in it. The beautiful arch and brown hue of this structure are...
$800 – $999Arbors

Vita Gardens Springwood Cedar Arbor, Brown, 91.875"H

Easily span your walkway and showcase hanging accents using this Vita Gardens Brown Springwood Cedar Arbor. This substantial, rectangular arbor is a perfect addition to your backyard or outdoor sanctuary,...
$1000 or moreArbors

New England Cedar Summerwood Arbor, Charcoal, 90"H

Ensure your garden entry warmly welcomes visitors by placing this New England Charcoal Cedar Summerwood Arbor in it. This robust structure creates a focal point in your landscaping, thanks to...
$400 – $599Arbors

New England Cedar Wildwood Arbor, Charcoal, 91.5"H

Place a daring structure around your garden path using this New England Charcoal Cedar Wildwood Arbor. Adding this piece to your path or fence line is sure to capture attention,...
$200 – $399Arbors

Dura-Trel Bakersfield Arbor, White, 85"H

Further the classic look of your formal garden by adding the Dura-Trel Bakersfield Arbor to it. The flat top, square posts, and rectangular grid on this lasting item add a...
$200 – $399Arbors

Dura-Trel Windsor Arbor, White, 85"H

Create an organized entry to your yard or garden with the lovely Dura-Trel Windsor Arbor. The detailed geometric design and flat top of this unit add a contemporary look to...

Dura-Trel Elmwood Arbor, White, 85"H

Bring bold angles into your garden with the lovely Dura-Trel Elmwood Arbor. Placing an architectural structure in your yard adds height and shape to the natural beauty of the area....
$200 – $399Arbors

Dura-Trel Wellington Arbor, White, 85"H

Adorn your garden with this White Dura-Trel Wellington Arbor. The detailed geometric design on the side panels and flat slat roof add a modern feel to your garden. The white...
$200 – $399Arbors

Panacea Rustic Heirloom Cottage Garden Arbor, Brown, 96"H

Create a picturesque entry to your yard or garden with this Panacea Brown Rustic Heirloom Cottage Garden Arbor. Using an archway to signify passage into a different area turns your...
ArborsPanacea Products

Panacea Scroll Arbor, Black, 90"H

Add sophisticated design to your garden with this black Panacea Scroll Arbor. The delicate scrollwork and soft arch on this unit will certainly bring drama to your yard, enhanced by...
$200 – $399Achla Designs

Achla Lattice Arbor I, Graphite, 92"H

Bring charming, classic style into your backyard or garden with the Achla Lattice Arbor I. The traditional shape and detailing on this unit create a welcoming look to any setting,...
$200 – $399Achla Designs

Achla Modern Arbor, Graphite, 100"H

Add a contemporary entry to your garden or yard with this Achla Modern Arbor. The traditional shape, wrought iron construction, and graphite finish perfectly contrast the geometric accents on this...