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On a cool evening, nothing is cozier in an outdoor living space than sitting around a fire pit. Fire pits instantly become an ideal gathering space for friends and family and are an excellent addition to any backyard. Whether you love to make s’mores over the fire, snuggle up in a warm blanket, or simply pull up a chair to enjoy the night sky – a fire pit offers endless opportunities to make the most of your outdoor living spaces.

You can select from different types of fire pits, based on the fuel they use and style. Each type has its advantages and some research can help you buy the right fire pit for your outdoor space.

Wood Burning Fire Pits

If you want to recreate the spirit of a campfire, go for a wood-burning fire pit in your outdoor area. It is a classic option and provides ample warmth. The soothing crackling sounds and the smell of wood-burning on a cool evening can create a cozy environment in your outdoor space.

A wood-burning fire pit can also serve as a grill. Look for one with a grill grate that can be attached above the flame for easy cooking. Wood burning fire pits need higher maintenance but prove more cost-efficient than other types.

Propane Fire Pits

Propane fire pits extremely convenient. They provide a warm ambiance and quickly become the focal point in your backyard. Propane fire pits are generally bigger and you may find ones with wheels for easy mobility.

Propane may prove expensive in frequent use and it also runs out faster than other fuels. If you plan on using your fire pit for several hours at a time, this may not be the most pocket-friendly option.

Natural Gas Fire Pits

A natural gas fire pit is excellent if you can install a natural gas line in your yard. Natural gas fire pits are similar in design to propane ones. However, the gas line limits movement. At the same time, the gas line ensures you do not run out of fuel. Natural gas fire pits can be fixed into the ground if you want a permanent installation.

There are many firepit fuel and design options to choose from leading online stores, such as Tuff Hut. Begin by listing your needs and budget to choose the best option for your space.

By Sean Madray


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