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The first decision, when you are planning to add a fire feature to your yard or patio, is to choose between a fire pit and fireplace. Both fire pits and fireplaces look elegant and come with their own advantages. Before you make that decision, here are the most important things to consider.

Fire Pits

A fire pit is the perfect place for you and your guests to gather around, creating an intimate and interactive experience.

This is an excellent situation for families with children or if you like to entertain and spend a lot of time around the fire.

Fire pits are extremely easy to use, and blend in with any décor. They are generally less expensive than a fireplace. Fire pits also allow fuel options – wood and gas. Gas fire pits are extremely convenient. Simply toggle an on/off switch and enjoy the warmth. There is no ash to sweep up or dispose of, and no wood to store.


A fireplace design allows you and your guests to sit in front of it rather than around it. There are many options in fireplace design that can serve as a focal point in your yard or outdoor space. The need for ventilation and smoke management makes fireplace tends more expensive than fire pits.

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By Sean Madray


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