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If you love the outdoors and want to make the most of it even on cooler evenings, you need a great patio heater that can keep you and your guests warm and comfortable.

If you are wondering which patio heater is best for you, answer the following questions to identify your needs and the right heating options.

Do you have an outdoor electrical outlet, or a natural or propane gas line?

This may not seem significant but the answer will help you narrow down the selection and find the right patio heater for your space.

The size of your outdoor space is also an important factor to consider. Electrical heaters require access to an electrical outlet and are ideal for smaller patios and decks while propane while having a gas line makes it easy to use a gas heater. Natural gas and propane heaters provide higher heat output which makes them more suitable for larger outdoor spaces and commercial purposes.

What type of electrical current is accessible in your patio space?

If you want to buy an electric heater, you will need a high-power outlet to get the best results. Many outdoor electric heaters that provide infrared heating are available in 240V. To use an electric patio heater, you need a dedicated electrical circuit for each heater. If you are not sure, you may need an electrician whether the right power output is available in a circuit. Electric models are usually suitable for residential patio heating.

For a commercial outdoor space, natural and propane gas heaters are better energy-efficient and offer cost-effective results.

Are there any ceiling or heating clearance concerns?

Some heaters have modern design and safety features that allow them to be flush with the ceiling. This provides you the advantage to let the modules hide higher into the ceiling.

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By Sean Madray


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