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Fire pits are the most appealing and versatile fire features to add to your backyard for warmth all year around. But if you are not sure which the best fire pit is, here are some important factors to consider. 

Clean Fuel

Gas burning pits are the cleanest fire pits. Gas burners neither leave any waste nor produce smoke. They are also more environmentally-friendly than wooden pits.

Wood burning fire pits produce lots of ashes and smoke. However, the aroma of burning wood has its own attraction. This aroma lingers as long as there is coating inside the burners. At the same time, cleaning the burner takes a great deal of time and energy. 


Wooden fire pits require more maintenance. You need to regularly clean the pit to maintain the elegance and life of the pit. If the by-products of the fire are not disposed of properly, it can become a fire hazard.

Unlike wooden pits, the gas burners don’t need much maintenance, since gas is a clean burning fuel. However, routine inspection must be done to ensure there are no leaks or weak points.


Both wood and gas burning fire pits add value and beauty to your outdoor living spaces.

Permits for the fire pits

In many cities, you need permission to install specific types of fire pits. For example, in a drought prone area, where wildfires are a major concern, there are stricter rules against installing the fire pits. In some places, where running gas lines can be dangerous, permits are required to install a fire pit.


When it comes to budget, wood comes out at the top. If you live in a place where there is a steady supply of wood, wood may be cheaper. On the other hand, if you live in a city where the availability of the wood is difficult, then it is very expensive. At the same time, gas fire pits are dependent on gas supply to power the pits.

Making the right choice depends upon the availability of fuel and the duration for which you want to use the pit. If you are looking for the best outdoor furniture and accessories, such as fire pits and bowls for your outdoor spaces, check out Tuff Hut for the best deals on the latest products.

By Sean Madray


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