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Gas fire pit burners are available in different shapes and sizes. One of the most popular burners is the ring burner. Fire pit burners use natural gas or propane as fuel. If you are looking for a fire pit burner, then a gas fire pit ring kit could be the right choice for you. Here is a look at what can make or break a gas fire pit ring kit.

Standard Stainless-Steel Fire Pit Rings

If you look up online, you would find how-to videos on making your own stainless-steel fire pit ring. While this may seem cheaper, you may be in for some disappointment, if you don’t check out professional options.

Most DIY videos show how a simple stainless-steel ring, perforated with holes, can be used to pump natural gas or propane through a gas line and into the ring. And you can light the escaping gas for a flame.

However, it is not that simple.

First, the flame from each individual hole will connect to form a single flame is not that likely. You will have to push a lot of fuel into the ring for that. Even then, you might be stuck with a number of small flames. Secondly, stainless-steel may be resistant to corrosion but it is not the best choice for a fire pit burner. It does not retain heat well and you will get less heat off a stainless-steel burner.

Brass Fire Pit Ring Burners

If you want a circular flame style, go for radial-style brass burners. Even with time, they continue to work perfectly. The brass piping pushes the fuel through the jets faster and harder for a bigger flame. You may even find a number of ready to finish fire pit kits to get your circular fire pit running.

Always remember when selecting your fire pit kit to choose a burner that matches your fuel type.

By Sean Madray


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