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We have made rapid advancements in technology. While that has made life more convenient, one of the downsides is a decline in both the amount and quality of family time. Everyone is busy posting, surfing, reading, watching, listening to, something online. We may be in the same room but are we really ‘there’?

If you would like to snap out of this trend, cooking together is incredibly effective way!

Cooking with the kids

Most of us want to be super organized when it comes to cooking so that we can complete it quickly. And having other family members, especially kids, participate in cooking may fill you with thoughts of disruption and hassle. While it’s true that spills and delays may happen when you have inexperienced helpers in your kitchen, the benefits simply outweigh the challenges.

Here are a few things to make cooking with kids a delightful experience –

  • Work with simple recipes

Kids obviously have limited cooking experience and they may be slower. Choose easier recipes to ensure an easy and enjoyable cooking session for all.

  • Prep ahead

Before getting started, prepare things that may be complex. For the children, select tasks that are easier and help them improve their skills with time. Appreciate by letting them know that they are making good progress.

  • Create work stations

To avoid confusion, set specific places for your kids to do their assigned tasks. These temporary work stations will also help you supervise the kids and keep them safe.

  • Have fun

Create an environment of fun. Very soon, your kids will fall in love with cooking just as much as you do! Remember cooking is an important skill. And it’s worth your time and effort to help your children develop this skill.

Benefits of cooking with kids

  • Brings the family together

Cooking is an engaging and effective activity to encourage your family to spend great time with each other offline. We have a natural affinity to food and that makes cooking a highly engaging activity.

  • Increases appreciation

Kids also get to appreciate the effort you put in everyday meals. They see everything coming together into a tasty meal – which is a rewarding experience for anyone.

Cooking is also a wonderful learning opportunity on healthy eating and they can take this with them well into their adult years.

  • Creates beautiful memories

Spending such quality time together as a family can be one of the most rewarding life experiences. The entire family will always cherish these memories and become a great gift we can give to each other.

A great cooking experience for a family

There are multiple methods you can use when you are cooking together with the family. Baking and grilling are two unbeatable favorites. They are also healthy and relatively safer ways of cooking.

Grilling has an additional advantage – you can enjoy cooking and eating under the open sky in an outdoor living space – your yard, patio, or lawn. This cooking experience is so enjoyable that we even plan get togethers and parties around it.

If you are looking for the best outdoor island grills, such as the Electri Chef grills, check out Tuff Hut.

By Sean Madray


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