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Summer will soon fade away to make way for Fall. Fire features, like a fire pit, column or bowl are fantastic options to improve the function and aesthetic of your outdoor living spaces. These beautiful fire features act as a great place for your family and friends to gather around and socialize.

Fire Pits

This is one of the most popular outdoor fire features for your backyard or your patio. Fire Pits come in various shapes, sizes, and materials. These fire pits can be built above the ground or you can also buy portable fire pits. You can also choose from a variety of fuel options - natural gas, propane, or wood.

Fire Bowls

The fire bowl is a portable fire feature that is much smaller and lightweight, compared to fire pits. Since they are portable, you can store them easily and can use them whenever needed. They use wood, propane, or natural gas as fuel.

Fire bowls are fire pits but bowl-like in shape, hence the name. Light a fire in a fire bowl and enjoy the warmth on cooler evenings to make the most of your outdoor living spaces.

Fire Columns

The fire column is similar to a fire bowl but rectangular or square in shape, best suited to your patio. Fire columns can be made of stone, which lends a more natural look and feels to your backyard or patio. Unlike fire pits or fire bowls, fire columns cannot be used for cooking or grilling food.

Fire Tables

Fire tables have a small fire pit in the center of the table. It can be electric or gas-based. Fire tables serve the dual purpose of a fire feature as well as a fully functional table, so you can comfortably gather around the table and eat and drink together with your friends and family.  This is the perfect fire feature for homeowners who love entertaining and hosting parties in their yard or patio. 

Patio Heaters

Patio heaters are not a typical fire feature but if you are looking to make maximum use of your outdoor living spaces, patio heaters can help you stay warm on cooler evenings. They come in tabletop and stand-alone options. They are safer since they run on standard propane tanks and don’t involve an open fire. 

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By Sean Madray


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