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A propane patio heater can easily take the edge off a cool fall evening, especially if you like to enjoy and entertain in your outdoor living spaces, all year-round. However, not everyone has a patio or deck large enough to fit a freestanding or table-top patio heater.

The good news is you can still bring the warmth to smaller outdoor living spaces with a portable propane patio heater.

Portable outdoor heaters are an attractive and versatile solution to heating your outdoor living space because they come with amazing benefits that bigger options may not be able to give you.

  • Wide coverage– Portable patio heaters can cover and provide heat in a large area.
  • Versatile– Most portable heaters come with adjustable heat controls so that you can modulate the level of warmth, depending on your need and the weather outside.
  • Efficient– High-intensity burners in portable patio heaters make sure they perform at top efficiency.
  • Flexible– Since these heaters are portable, the design offers easy mobility with built-in wheels etc.
  • Easy to Store – These are portable heaters, so they are also easy to dismantle and/or pack and be stored away easily during hotter months, when you may not need them.

Portable patio heaters are powerful, elegant, and easy to move, allowing you to create warm and inviting, outdoor living spaces, however small or large they may be.

By Sean Madray


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