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Wicker furniture is an excellent choice for patio and outdoor furniture in different weather conditions. However, prolonged exposure to the elements may cause damage to any kind of furniture, including wicker.

Fortunately, sometimes you can save your wicker furniture if you notice signs of decay well in time. Here are 3 telltale signs that it is time to replace your wicker outdoor furniture.

Rodents burrowed through the wicker

You should store your wicker patio furniture when you are not using it, for instance, during winter. You can do so with patio covers or store the furniture in your shed or garage.

However, if rodents still got inside and created burrows, they would have chewed through the walls, ripped out the wicker and contaminated it. This means you can no longer salvage it and should plan to replace your furniture.


Sun exposure can damage your wicker patio furniture, making it brittle and discolored. Unfortunately, the UV radiation also weakens the material, making it prone to breaks.

Frayed surfaces

If you spot a few frayed fibers, it can be fixed but once the damage spreads to a few rows, it’s time to change your furniture pieces. Frayed fibers indicate excessive wear, UV damage, or rot.

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By Sean Madray


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